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Founded in 1982, Amir’s Falafel was the first LA eatery in the San Fernando Valley to sell the Mediterranean favorite: the falafel. Over the last 40 years we have perfected our recipes and formulas, and have honed our business model to thrive.


Become part of LA’s falafel legacy. Fill out the form to get in touch with our franchising team. We will provide you with everything you need to know to get started with your own successful fast casual Mediterranean restaurant backed by decades of our restaurant experience and proven recipes.

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Why we are different

Proven business model

We have honed the structure of our restaurant from service to supply chain. As a franchisee, you will be standing on the shoulders of over 40 years of successful business know-how.

Rich history and brand story

Our unique family history brings a personal touch to every interaction with the customer. Our restaurants bring comfort, reliability, and a home to assemble for your family and friends.

In line with market trends

The Mediterranean diet has proven itself to be what keeps people alive the longest. Healthy, fresh ingredients, with reliable on-the-go options are currently what people want. Between busy schedules, corporate and on-set catering, Amir’s Falafel is the treat everyone looks forward to.

Franchising timeline

First 90 days
Initial financial analysis
Location & Financial Analysis

Your financial information and proposed location is audited by our franchise team to determine the viability of the location. From there, we will connect you to our financing consultant to assist you in getting approved for financing.

First six months
Growing and thriving
Hiring & Management Training

Our hiring team will work with you to find the best fit employees. They will consider everything from scheduling and location, to interpersonal skill sets to find the best people for the job.

First year
Ongoing assistance
Ongoing Success

Within your first year of sales you will already be feeling the impact that falafel can have on your life. We will meet with you and review successes one year into your journey, and set a five-year roadmap for continued success. 

You are well on your way to deepening the legacy of falafel in Los Angeles. 


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