Amir’s Falafel, rebranded!

Amir’s Falafel, rebranded!

It’s been 15 years since our last rebranding – we decided it’s time to give Amir’s Falafel a facelift. We retained Made By Super, a branding agency led by the talented Hanami Sutton, an LA-native deeply familiar with the Los Angeles restaurant scene.

In developing this new brand identity, there were several values we wanted to communicate.

  1. Freshness: One of the key values we wanted our new branding to communicate is freshness. All of our food is made fresh daily, so it only made sense to communicate freshness in our rebranding. The minimal modern branding and clean aesthetic is how we wanted this communicated.
  2. Natural: Another value that we wanted to incorporate is naturalism. All our Mediterranean food is made with no additives, fillers, or preservatives, so we used that value as the basis behind using the earthy green tones and incorporating the green leaf.
  3. History: As one of the first Mediterranean restaurants in the San Fernando Valley, history is deeply rooted in who we are. With origins in the old country going back to the 1920s and spanning 4 generations, Amir’s Falafel simply wouldn’t exist without our historical roots. We wanted this to be communicated in the branding, so we incorporated our year of founding in the logo (1982) and designed both “Amir’s” and “Falafel” in a consistent typeface to communicate that our recipes have remained consistent through the decades.

After months of back and forths, we’re proud to release our rebranding. We hope you love it as much as we do 🙂

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